EARTH GODDESS sacred immersion



Journey into the Land of Magic

with Yukiko Amaya

Ireland, the ancient land of Tuatha dé Danann, the people of the Goddess Danu, who came in their ships from the sky, bringing magical powers and multi-dimensional stone monuments aligning earth with cosmic rays...these mysterious people disappeared into the cairns and passage tombs with the arrival of the Milesians or the early Celtic ancestor of modern Ireland.

  • Do you dream of immersing yourself in the magic of a sacred land?

  • Do you feel an inner yearning to connect with your divine feminine?

  • Do you feel a higher calling to bring healing energy to our earth and all her children?

Let the magic of the Land beckon you. Join me in this sacred, magical immersion. Open to women who desire to:

  • Experience the magicof Ireland through her stories

  • Be moved by the majesty and energy of the Goddess in Her land and Her prehistoric monuments

  • Awaken to your powerful intuition and be guided on your path

  • Bring forth the healer and magician in you for the good of all

  • Open to the energetic healing of powerful Stones aligned for this purpose

  • Discover your unique & beautiful embodiment through Soul Motion® practice

  • Experience gentle country living in a magnificent Historic home 

EARTH GODDESS IMMERSION restores and realigns you to

your true life passion.

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What is Earth Goddess Sacred Immersion?

Watch the short video......

SEPTEMBER 1 - 10, 2019


  (may be subject to change due to various circumstances) 

Sept. 1     Arr. Dublin - meet at Trinity Hotel, Dublin; stay at Trinity Hotel

Sept. 2     Book of Kells, Dublin; Hill of Tara, Co. Meath; stay at Rock Farm Slane, Co. Meath

Sept. 3     Newgrange/Knowth, Co. Meath; Hill of Slane, Co. Meath; stay at Rock Farm Slane,

                 Co. Meath

Sept. 4     Loughcrew Cairns, Co. Meath; travel to Co. Sligo (West Coast of Ireland); stay at                          Temple House, Co. Sligo

Sept. 5     Free Day; stay at Temple House

Sept. 6     Caves of Kesh, Carrowkeel Megalithic complex, Co. Sligo; stay Temple House

Sept. 7     Knocknarae (Queen Maeve's Grave); Carrowmore Megalithic complex, Co. Sligo; stay                    Temple House

Sept. 8     Holy wells day, Co. Sligo; Irish storytelling & music evening; stay Temple House

Sept. 9     Transf. to Dublin; Archeological Museum Dublin; stay Trinity Hotel

Sept. 10    Sacred Immersion ends; dep. Dublin


Below is a sample only, and will change depending on the day's activities:

7 am - 8:30 am    Meditation / Soul Motion practice

8:30 am - 10 am   Breakfast

10 am                   Depart for activities

                            Lunch outside


7 pm                    Dinner 

8:30pm - 9:30pm  Circle


In this Immersion, we venture out together, and alone, trusting our senses to receive energy and wisdom that is held in the Earth, in the air, in water, trees, animals, birds and stone, in our bones, in our all life. All is sacred.

We start to learn to trust our hearing and our intuition. The powerful stones we will be visiting, aligned to the sun and underground water ways will help us. 

The mysterious and powerful cairns and passage tombs of Newgrange, Knowth and Loughcrew, Knocknarae, Carrowmore, Carrowkeel, and the High ceremonial land of Tara are simply breathtaking in their location and majesty. They also hold the energy of celestial and terrestrial alignments and thousands of years of sacred rituals that can help shift and reorient us in the direction and awareness that is more resonant with our soul purpose.

We walk the land, climb her hills, enter the cairns and caves, breathe her air, and in that meditation, attune our fields to Her energy. 

We start to see Her in all life, in Earth and in each other as well as in ourselves. This is the opening to awakening to Her-story, to seeing that spirals and patterns of co-existence are everywhere in nature rather than a straight line and a pyramid system of hierarchy. Domination is not the only strategy of power. Love and co-creation are SO powerful. The choice is ours to make when we shift our View.

Dancing Woman


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SOUL MOTION™ is a non-verbal practice of entering into our bodies, becoming grounded, and navigating the energies within us and around us, letting oneself be moved by them. We will be doing this practice many mornings before venturing out. It is a practice that changed my life, as it has done with many people. Through gentle guidance, we dance, move, stand still, and are invited to “listen” to what is, through our entire sensory system……so we can truly converse with the energies that are flowing within us and around us from a centered place of our own power. We take this way of listening and presence into the Land and the Stones; with ourselves and each other. No prior movement or dance experience is necessary. Simply bring your sense of curiosity.

CIRCLE TIME: after dinner we will sit in council to share, listen and assimilate our sacred immersion experiences.


Creature comforts are important as we immerse ourselves in the Goddess. So yes! We are staying in amazing places throughout our journey.

Ireland is wonderful in how most food is sourced locally. All lunches and some dinners will be your own selection at restaurants. Breakfasts are included with lodging. 

We will accommodate to the extent possible, various dietary requirements.

Trinity City Hotel, Dublin (2 nights - 1st and last nights of Immersion)

 4 star hotel in the heart of Dublin, across the street from Trinity College. Dinner at local restaurant. Breakfast included.


Rock Farm Slane, Slane, Co. Meath (2 nights)

This organic, working farm is part of Slane Castle. We will have the Lime House to ourselves - it is a recently built, completely green, strawbale house!

Farm sourced breakfast. Lunch and dinner at local restaurants.

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Lime house toom.jpg

Temple House, Ballimote, Co. Sligo (5 nights)

Situated in the heart of 1000 acres, there are no words to adequately describe this beautiful property that has been the family estate for over 300 years to the Pervceval family. It has been lovingly restored and brought forward as a premier, country living retreat. Each room is different, beautifully appointed, and the dining here is exceptional with their personal chef. All breakfast & dinner at Temple House. Lunch at restaurants.


About Yukiko

Yukiko Amaya is passionate about investigating the frontiers of consciousness, communication, embodiment and Earth based spirituality. She was 12 years old when she first “woke up”, experiencing the Reality underlying all Matter, all Life. It took her many decades to come to an understanding and acceptance of what she was shown. The deep yearning for Presence took her on powerful, depth diving journeys of uncovering, where she was guided and taught by beautiful, amazing, loving and at times fierce beings, both in physical body and not. They led her back to a passionate connection with Mother Earth, to the Goddess, to the dance of Moon, Sun and Stars felt through air, fire, water, earth and ether.

She is a certified Soul Motion® teacher, tantric yogini, psychic energy healer, shamanic practitioner and an Embodied Radiant Empowerment Coach, and has been actively teaching since the early 90’s.

She leads in-person workshops, retreats and sacred immersions internationally, alongside her online programs. Educated in Japan, Australia, the U.S.A. and France, she continues to study the energetic connections and teachings of sacred lands and dragon / ley lines around the world.

She loves to keep evolving, learning and opening to the richness of Life, and is currently in a 3 year, Priestess of Avalon, spiral training in Glastonbury U.K.


She lives in Northern Virginia with her life partner and a very fluffy cat, on a mountain a stone's throw from the Appalachian Trail.

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Meet Our Support Team in Ireland


Samuel Brett

Sam is a passionate, 3rd generation storyteller, woodcarver, guide and musician from Sligo area in Ireland. He will be driving and accompanying us on the hikes and visits in and around Sligo.

We will have a storytelling and Irish music evening with Sam and his band.



Treasa Kerrigan

Treasa channels, records and writes meditations from sacred sites in Ireland. She is a healer, guide and a pagan, and will be accompanying us on our time at Hill of Tara.


Roderick Perceval

Roderick is the owner of Temple House, along with his wife, Helena. The House, a country estate where the Knights Templar built one of their forts, has been in his family for the past 300 and some years. He will be our host during our stay at his delightful estate.

TESTIMONIALS from previous Sacred Immersions

I loved the pace of the retreat (Sacred Immersion Glastonbury). You were able to gracefully weave each day with adventures to dive deep. This is a sacred immersion into the heart of the Mother. Thank you for this sacred offering from your heart. It changed my life.    

~Rachel Jesien ~ Celtic Shaman & Yogini, Hudson Valley, NY

Sacred Immersion (to Bali) was true to it's name and surpassed my expectations. Yukiko is the real deal if you are wanting to connect deeper with yourself, the earth, and spirit. She is an amazing teacher and healer with the knowledge to guide others to heal themselves. I knew I wanted a special guide at this time in my life. I am so grateful my spirit brought me to her.

~Helena Chimielowicz ~ Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, St. Cloud, MI

YES to Sacred Immersion Glastonbury experience. The land, energy, happenstance of mystery and the Lady of Avalon were all new to me! Thrilled to witness myself and others connecting to the whole complex and thoroughly delightful experience. I have and would recommend this Immersion to my friends and students. I so have expanded....with greater appreciation of Mother Earth - truly - I walk with reverence.

~ Mji Maureen Fallis ~ Yoga teacher, Artist, Ottawa, Canada

This (Sacred Immersion Bali) was beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Yukiko is an inspirational, spiritual leader. Her vast knowledge and experiences make her relateable to a diverse range of people. She is a compassionate and highly intuitive person who gracefully and skillfully supports each individual's spiritual quest on a group, spiritual immersion retreat.

~ Mary ~ Retired, Marshall, VA

This UNIQUE and INTIMATE Immersion is open to just TEN women.

Contact Yukiko IMMEDIATELY to schedule a chat to see if this journey / immersion is for you. This Sacred Immersion will fill quickly.

Your non-refundable $500 deposit will hold your place till June 30th when your final balance is due.




     Beltane Goddess Special - book by May 1, and receive extra $88 off below price

SACRED IMMERSION PRICE: (double rooming - room mate assigned by organizer unless otherwise requested - Rock Farm Slane may be double or triple - rooms will be assigned on first come first serve basis for Temple House)


SACRED SINGLE PRICE (guaranteed single room in Dublin and exquisite single rooming at Temple House - Rock Farm Slane may be double rooming)



  • lodging and breakfast

  • 5 dinners at Temple House

  • organized group transportations in the itinerary from Dublin and back to Dublin

  • all entry fees to locations on itinerary

  • guides and storytellers and musicians within the itinerary

  • Yukiko's teachings, Soul Motion® sessions, guidance and individualized attention

Goddess Artha.jpeg


  • airfare - please obtain your own trip insurance

  • transport from Airport to Dublin and back

  • 4 dinners at restaurants in Dublin and Slane

  • all lunches

  • beverages and snacks

  • tips to service providers

  • any urgent or emergency medical care - please obtain your own trip insurance

  • any transportation, services, food, etc. on your free day or outside itinerary

Your life is precious, as is all life

May you take the time to breathe

To see the moon rise over the horizon

Feel the sun flowing through you.

We are all energy in form, dancing

Together, held in the embrace of the Goddess.


Look forward to connecting with you!

Blessed Be,


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